1. Never thought anybody would *single white female* Debra Messing.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    So you need water to come in bottles, Ok. And a bottle is hard to carry so you’re going to need a handle for the bottle. But they’re not cheap so how about a lock that goes through the handle. And then maybe a camera to monitor it. And an app on your phone to view the camera that watches the lock that secures the handle of the bottle that the…. water came in.

  3. jimbo

    this one time at walmart…i bought everything you see here

  4. It’s Ginger Grimace!

  5. lily

    looks bloated

  6. Feetsthss

    How I Dressed Like Your Mother

  7. If she’s on her way to band camp, she forgot her flute. And that bottle may be a little snug.

  8. “Arrrrgh, I can pinch an inch. Gotta buy some Special K again.”

  9. She’s beautiful.

  10. coyote

    Always been High on my list of Yes, Yes I would

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