1. I see Anne Hathaway goes by the name Ali Lohan so no one will pay attention.

  2. Tiggles

    She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor, and she’s eating celery like never has before.

  3. Hello, Pinhead.

  4. Trebax

    Part of me is starting to wonder if maybe Lindsay has just decided to take one for the team and give her sister a fighting chance at a life. I.e., the more crazy Lindsay is, the less likely her screeching, money-grubbing banshee of a mother is to notice she actually has another child.

    • Trek Girl

      She actually has two children other than Lindsay and Ali. It seems Ali and Lindsay take the brunt of the crazy.

  5. In every photo like this, there’s security chief Michael Garibaldi in the background, saying it all with his eyes.

  6. EricLR

    Just a small town girl on a Saturday night. They all KNOW she’s crazy.

  7. I’m not saying she’s hot… because I think I have better taste than that.

  8. Who doesn’t think that bag is full of Ex-Lax?

  9. martina

    Honey, eat a few donuts, put on 20 pounds, jeez …..

  10. Actually; it is Ric Ocasek from the 80′s Band Cars

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