1. Look sir. It’s Dockers, a polo, and a pair of New Balance. You’ll still embarrass your kid by being in the same county as she, but that way you wearing “Exhibit 12″ from her emancipation hearing.

  2. Tiggles

    “Daaaad, for the 100th time, I don’t like Taylor Swift!!”
    “You do to like her! She’s the most precious thing in the world and you love her. She’s like the daughter you wanted but never got, and sexier too.”

  3. Batu Khan

    ‘Good, Good.’ Said an agent looking for the next breakout porn star with daddy issues.

  4. The guy must have lost one hell of a bet.

  5. Give the guy a break…can you think of any other way to be a middle aged man at a Taylor Swift concert and NOT end up on pedophile watch lists?

  6. He wants to be in a reality show and he thinks producers are at the concert looking for the most fucked-up jackass in the place.

  7. Did they let him into the arena?

  8. “If you don’t know that it’s my daughter’s 13th birthday, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

  9. At least he can’t get lost in the crowd.

  10. He’s got balls to wear that in public. Kudos.

  11. No one who dresses like that has had sex or a daughter.

  12. The Pope

    The creepy thing is that he didn’t even bring his daughter with him to the concert.

  13. broduhjenner

    fish forgot to mention his daughter was corey feldman

  14. Margaret

    Everyone anywhere LA is batshit nuts. Some for good, some for bad. Who cares?

  15. EricLR

    Bet she won’t forget to do her morning chores before the NEXT concert!

  16. Yep, that won’t make you a pedo standing amongst hundreds of teen girls.

  17. It’s good to see David Cross stay in character while they work on the next season of Arrested Development.

  18. anonymous

    I think you all are looking at this wrong.

    This is a man whose daughter will NEVER again FORCE him to take her to a lame ass concert.

  19. oldfool

    Jenny has two daddies.

  20. Times were tough for Vic Mackey after being busted out of the Strike Team.

  21. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Taylor Swift’s daddy went to see a concert of hers in person?

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