1. No one in this picture should be entrusted with a child.

  2. anonymous

    Fez is hosting birthday parties for one year-olds? LOL

  3. Frank Burns

    Baby wonders why Gerard Butler is puffy and shirtless, but also quietly hopes for a “This is BIRTHDAY!” later on.

  4. I wonder if Thug Life regrets that giant “Coinstar” tattoo

  5. The baby is their designated driver.

  6. How did my parent’s basement end up in Encino, and why are these douchenozzles having a party in it?

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    I hired Wilmer to host my BBQ this Saturday. I negotiated him down to a $5 appearance fee and a burger.

  8. All this picture needs is a couple of empty tall boys of Miller High Life.

  9. The Pope

    It’s Calvin Klein’s dream come true.

  10. broduhjenner

    thank god that isn’t a girl

  11. EricLR

    So….did you invite any of you kid’s female playmates to the party?

  12. yoop

    Handy Manny needs to start charging Mr. Lopart more to fix his shit

  13. “Hey little boy, are there any girls at your pre-school you can hook me up with?”

  14. His dad looks like a fat, douchebag version of a dothraki.

  15. PathosAvenger

    Who and who?

  16. I have no idea who any of those other people are, but I’m pretty sure every porno film I’ve ever seen was shot in that room.

  17. JP

    Since when was Encino in the 909?

  18. who are the folks in this clan of white trash with a dash of curry powder?

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