1. anonymous

    Now that people know Leo’s ridden it, I’m pretty sure bike #02133 will disappear from CityBike locatiions.

  2. When you’ve plowed through the entire VS catalog, you have to get creative with your next sexual escapade…

  3. This picture is a lot funnier if you imagine the “vroom…vrooooom” noise.

  4. catapostrophe

    How ironic–he’s pretending to ride a bike.

  5. No wonder this guy has had every supermodel his tongue can cope with. The dude just oozes sex.

  6. Frank Burns

    Leo’s performance art project “Man doing a titty twister on a supermodel” was undermined when commuters started using his crotch to park their bikes.

  7. Leo’s not quite mastered riding a bike.

  8. Leonardo, still trapped in his Inception character “rides a bike.”

  9. john

    the handles are lower you schmuck

  10. Impromptu Macarena?

  11. EricLR

    From full-on retard to full-on hipster in 15 years.

  12. Kelly Brook’s tits are so giant, they permeate multiple images.

  13. whatever

    giddy up don’t work on a bicycle, you have to step up and start peddling boy

  14. nic cage did it better.

  15. After mastering tennis, it’s on to the sport of cycling.

  16. Deacon Jones

    “Go-Go gadget handlebars”

  17. ‘…so I grabbed that Jonah Hill fuck by the nipples and twisted real hard. Hehehhehe, you wouldn’t believe how much that piggy can squeal.’

  18. Those bikes do not get released from their rental slots unless it is a family of German tourists trying to kill all of Manhattan because they think the autobahn is an international hwy, or, a fool who once starts peddling, will eat all of Manhattan.

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