1. brick

    Slater: “It’s actually the souls of the trees that we see in the winter.”
    Dog: “yawn”

  2. “Please God, just one more TV show or movie role. Amen.”

  3. Short Round

    C’mon! A piano, iron beam, Rush Limbaugh falling out of a window. Anything as long as it’s quick and painless. We both know my career is over!

  4. cajunhawk

    To Dog…”You think Sharknado could really happen?”

    Dog…”Ask Ian Zerhing.”

  5. Bargoyle

    Are you there God? Its me, Christian.

  6. The original triple H.

  7. LupusYonderboy

    Hey look. There goes my career.

  8. The dog expression is the same as mine.

  9. GwynethPaltrowsSenseofEntitlement

    Why does that cloud seem to follow me everywhere?

  10. Hmm

    “For the last fucking time, I am not Tobey Maguire”

  11. “ah, perfect day to do drugs…”

  12. “Pssst…dog…I forgot to bring a poop scoop bag, so hurry up and take a dump while I’m not looking. Then we can get the fuck outta here.”

  13. Who’s walking who ?

  14. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    “The sky is falling.. The SKY is falling?…THE SKY IS FALLING!”

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