1. dbag

    Correction: Just shoot Brown. No questions need to be asked.

  2. I know when I think of anti violence, I think of Chris Brown.

  3. I say we start a professional exchange program between the Beverly Hills PD and Ferguson PD.

  4. Chris Brown is familiar with this pose, I’m sure.

    And hey- Nelly is still alive. Cool!

  5. I wish Chris was named Mike.

  6. Cock Dr

    I’m sure that now the healing will begin.

  7. dbag

    Do we really want pretend that this is a law-abiding, peace-loving group with absolutely no tendancy toward violence?

  8. Dmitri

    Where’s a low yield nuclear weapon when you could really use one?

  9. Ok, so who here needs me to go back over how to pronounce the word “ASK” ?

  10. Rivka

    There’s nothing wrong with protesting social injustice.

    But there is something wrong with leaping to conclusions.

  11. Well, they are displaying their arms, and we know that they’re loaded…

  12. JungleRed

    I thought “raising the roof” would be more fun than this.

  13. But—Chicago! Chicago! Chicago!

  14. Hmm

    Chris Brown is one Brown I think we could all get behind shooting.

  15. Bryan

    Photoboy’s smuggy whineposts are even lamer than Fish’s, truth be told. I guess he gets a sticker for trying.

  16. Mitch

    All I see is a bunch of ignorant fools who believed the lie of an accessory to a crime and repeated it with the rest of the ignorant fools.

    I had a good friend in college who was from Kenya. He said that in all his travels around the world, he was embarrassed to be black only after visiting Oakland, CA.

    • fuckin shit. I agree with your post. I live 200 miles south of oakland, but have been there enough to know that is true

    • I’ll bet your “good friend” from “Kenya” would throw himself on his sword if he realized he was the inspiration for some of the stupid shit you say on here.

      • Mitch

        And Jizzer takes some time out from jerking off in his mom’s basement to comment.

        If you had rudimentary comprehension ability, you would know that he was embarrassed to be black after visiting Oakland, and the USA in general. We had many discussions about black culture in America and it’s safe to say that he agreed wholeheartedly, hence the embarrassment over skin color and how people perceived him.

        Jizzer, you need to stop making excuses for the thugs causing trouble in this country. You are blinded by your perceived guilt.

  17. Real men don’t use guns, they use their fists ( on women faces)

  18. Photoboy — I think the phrase you were looking for is HANDS up! Don’t shoot!

  19. This is actually one of the courses at this school.

  20. srsly

    wtf. chris brown?
    i guess suge knight wasnt available.

  21. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    Why the hell didn’t someone shoot Chris Brown? Obviously, he just gave someone the best opportunity ever to rid the world of a woman beating, no talent , ass….

  22. Facts

    World is a better place without Mike Brown in it.

  23. brycet

    Ignorant fools…

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