1. Hey, maybe she is a talented DJ.

  2. cletus

    Wait… if she’s performing, shouldn’t there be a video camera and an exposed penis?

  3. $341,000, $342,000, $343,000 . . ..

  4. Cock Dr

    We should all feel better with her on the other side of the ocean. Less cooties that way.

  5. dbag


    Paris Hilton -Good Time [Explicit]
    Paris Hilton -Nothing in This World
    Paris Hilton -Stars Are Blind
    Paris Hilton -Turn It Up
    Paris Hilton -Jealousy
    Paris Hilton -Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
    Paris Hilton -Screwed
    Paris Hilton -Heartbeat
    Paris Hilton -Turn You On
    Paris Hilton -I Want You
    Paris Hilton -Not Leaving Without You
    Paris Hilton -Fightin’ Over Me

  6. cajunhawk

    That is the same switch she was fiddling with from the last picture. Fucking hell.

  7. Smile and turn the knob thingies, smile and turn the knob thingies … look at the camera, smile and .. oops… um, yeah, knob thingies …

  8. Spleen

    Shouldn’t performing be in quotes?

  9. GwynethPaltrowsSenseofEntitlement


    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does.

  10. JungleRed

    Hey DJ Valtrex! Is that MixTrack even plugged in?

  11. i would so hit it. With a shovel, until it stopped moving.

  12. Hmm

    Spain is basically bankrupt, like for real bankrupt, if you think she is getting paid a tenth of the money they claim he is making you might not be too bright.

  13. The iPod in the background has more talent.

  14. So relieved she finally got a paying job. Poor girl was suffering for awhile there

  15. “Hey everybody! I turned this knob and it played music! Yay…I’m a DJ!”

  16. Vladimir

    It’s funny that she does this “celebrity DJ” gig now, but when she’s 39 and STILL doing it…it’s going to be REALLY funny.

  17. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    I see they found the Paris Hilton wax dummy stolen from Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London… Very fact a little too life like to actually make people believe it is the real Paris Hilton.

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