1. cletus

    Still would.

    • Helena Handbasket

      It’s not really a question of whether you’d still fuck her or not. It’s more about how much pleasure you could endure until you cry “uncle.”

  2. Short Round

    Let’s see Ace Ventura play the guitar with his ass!

  3. Good lord, this is the funniest fucking photo.

  4. She looks like Madonna’s soul reaper.

  5. By lesbo standards, she’s a 9.

  6. She looks like she’s shitting on a guitar…did I say ‘looks’? I means ‘sounds’.

  7. I’d get in dat ass just out of respect for who she is.

  8. Marketing Mike

    Truly a Classic Rock Act, very nice…
    At 56, she’s still very hot and tasty.
    It would be an honor to hit that…

  9. Hmm

    She looks pretty damn good for her age, so like Zaloog, I would.

  10. …go back to your taylor momsen mp3′s youngster, this is grown folk shit, you would’nt understand.

  11. Hmmmmm… Cherry Bomb.

  12. if you don’t know who this is, fuck yourself with a razor

  13. Real rockers can play the guitar with their buttholes.

  14. “Ladies….? Can anyone help me move my…. GUITAR?!?”

  15. BarPig

    This woman has been rock and rolling since there were 8 tracks, LP’s, the Cold War, and, good cops. Like LifeSerial above said, she left the 1-10 scale behind a couple decades back.

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