1. Those are Hilary Duff’s pants, but that ain’t Duff’s ass.

  2. This makes me sad, not because she’s kissing some undeserving idiot, but because what happened to her ass?

  3. I’d say her ex-husband got out at the right time.

  4. Holy shit! What happened?

  5. Is she related to the Kardashians?

  6. And that’s how ya turn skinny jeans into fat jeans…

  7. GwynethPaltrowsSenseofEntitlement


  8. to borrow a line from “something about mary”: “That’s my girl he’s kissin!”

    I have such a crush on this girl. Based only on looks, obviously. But Her disgusting ass just makes her attainable. *grabs car keys*

  9. j/k

    She’s always had a big ass. It made me watch AI a few times. These pants make it look broad and flat because they’re too tight..

  10. …fuck all ya’ll …if i’d's known she had all THIS goin’ on i might’a been a fan sooner!!! DAMN!!! (that ass aint flat, it’s a straight on angle, check the shadows at the bottom, there’s big time curve there…it’s just science)

  11. I wanna make out with that ass…

  12. Marketing Mike

    She was tight as a drum on that Glee knockoff 2 years ago? Ahhh…
    The previous poster’s Cabo pics from June, prove it’s her pants.

  13. She has her AI ass back. No matter; it was always that ‘please, won’t you fuck me?’ look straight into the camera while singing that floated my boat. Girl is frakkin’ gorgeous.

  14. “Good god, if we weren’t on CBS, I could be working those humps like I was working at a bakery.”

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