1. dbag

    Lena Dunham could take a decent photo from that angle.

  2. Thanksgiving turkey in August? Sure!

  3. And this is how I lift my leg for the videos.

  4. Please don’t tell me the kid is sleeping in that basket..

  5. Gio

    Don’t get too close or you’ll see the water buffalo ass.

  6. I figure about ten minutes until the turkey timer pops up.

  7. that is not how you roast a ham.

  8. Where’s O.J. when you need him?

  9. Judging from the size of the ass, we know that’s not Kim Kardashian.

  10. Marketing Mike

    : )

  11. My favorite line from Tootsie was when the director asked for the camera to be moved back to make Dustin Hoffman’s character look better. “How do you feel about Cleveland?.

  12. GwynethPaltrowsSenseofEntitlement

    Wow, a Kardashian laying around doing nothing. How unusual.

  13. Juano

    “She breaches!” – Captain Ahab, 1844

  14. Hmm

    Take a look at that hardworking mother who is just like all the regular mothers of the world who go out to work everyday.

  15. anonymous

    Looks like she took a well deserved vacation without the new husband and baby from all those vacations she’s taken without the husband and baby.

  16. Juano

    She looks like she’s about to cut the cheese….a very smelly, nasty cheese.

    Probably waiting for the pool boy to come by and pull her finger.


  17. That ass sure needs some rest for undeserved overexposure…

  18. I would pay $100.00 to have someone to dump a full bucket of ice water on her vain ass without her knowledge.

  19. Raymond Flattenberg

    “Mom!!!! Kanye!!!! My new ass-mass absorbing towel is here. Let’s go down to the pool and take some pictures from strategic camera angles so I can Photoshop them later and post them to Instagram.”

  20. Mitch

    There is never a terrorist around with an IED when you need one.

  21. … I’ll just see myself out.

  22. brycet

    So the honeymoon is over and Kanye stopped paying attention to her…so the attention whore is back.

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