1. “Yo Justin, is this how he likes it?”

  2. Why does he look like he’s recoiling in horror from Nicki touching his junk? If it was me, I’d have a boner that would blot out the sun.

  3. RichPort

    “If I close my eyes real tight, I can pretend it’s Lil Wayne…”

  4. ‘Anaconda’… It’s just so clever and subtle. I almost didn’t get it. Modern genius.

  5. JungleRed

    Somewhere a blood vessel just popped inside Amanda Bynes head.

  6. Juano

    Is that Miley Cyrus?

  7. George P Burdell

    That is how a Succubus of the 21st century steals her talent.

  8. Hmm

    “WTF, they told me it would be Johnny Manziel giving me a lapdance, this is bullshit”

  9. “No, please don’t! I like men”

  10. Guest

    “… Dead kittens, dead kittens. Old nuns. Really old nuns.”

  11. Fuck the haters this girls body is perfect (plastic or not she is smoking)

  12. “Hey you, over there…yo, asshole. Shut up and leave her alone. She’s busy right now…”

  13. margaret

    Drake is the biggest sham pulled on anyone who buys into his Blackness. Such white bread brother. His rimes are crimes and his sole is all on the bottom of his shoe.

  14. I don’t think Mr. Raditch would approve.

  15. So now this site shows bestiality?

  16. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    With tits as big as Nicki’s, she needs a huge butt to anchor herself and keep from falling over forward…

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