1. mac

    remove the guitar and this would be a very different picture

  2. Play all over my chest baby! I want to taste your play!

  3. it had to be said

    Well, the maximum score was 14.0, but I had to penalize her a full point for no nip slip.

  4. galt

    Ready for her money shot…

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s good to see him putting that physics doctorate to use.
    This is a great photo. Both subjects look as if they are having a helluva fun time.

  6. That’s the face of a man who has done pretty well for himself on this short run we call life.

  7. Contusion

    Evidently it’s hard to think “sexy” when someone the same age as your granddaughter is splayed out at your feet.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Why spend years collecting these classics? Phone this number now and order Time Life’s Closing Ceremony 10 CD Music Collection today!

  9. The Pope

    That was Freddie Mercury’s favorite pose too.

  10. Y’all doubters think he still can’t pull birds like that. But you’re forgetting he’s got the ( )* of a much younger man.


  11. lori


  12. tlmck

    Piers Morgan does a really good Brian May impersonation.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    “Your Father must be very proud of you!”

    “He’s not and I have Daddy issues…Notice Me!”

  14. NineInchNailed

    While watching this live I really felt like she was just trying too hard. And it wasn’t good over-the-top like Freddie, it was like…Katy Perry/Lady Gaga over-the-top.

    Was lovely to see Brian and Roger still kicking it so smooth and cool, so many years later. Also…Freddie Mercury’s “appearance” and the sing-along made me tear up a little.
    Yeah I’m a huge pussy but whatever, it just made me so happy.

  15. rawfodog

    “While you’re down there, make yourself useful.”

  16. SDo good to see Queen again. One of the very best rock bands of all time. Freddie Mercury may be the best frontman ever.

  17. Hugh Jazz

    “Sigh… just like Freddy did.”

  18. I’m glad the olympics were closed with only half a butt cheek

  19. Schmidtler

    I guess this was nice to have him close out the most recent olympics, considering he opened the first olympics too.

  20. Persistent Cat

    It was more embarrassing to watch her “air guitar.” Like she’d ever heard this song before.

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