1. elephantman

    Is that really flattering?

  2. Animal

    She looks great!!! Now all you cows say “moooo” on cue.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the photoshopper did great. Her ass or her legs really look like that.

      • Kojak

        Besides the fact that her butt and leg skin been design by Photoshop, she still NOT HOT!!!!!
        Her butt is ridiculously artificial, absolutely not harmonized with the rest of her body.
        It’s almost like cut and past a grandmother ass in a young body. Today she is probably regret about surgery. No one knows if she do liposuction in everything except the butt, or if she put silicon on that truck, but one thing is certain: now she is deformed.

    • King Diamond

      Really? That looks great to you? An out of shape ass, that is that big because of a poor diet.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef


  4. Crissy


  5. Not scene, six grateful children resting, out of the sunlight, in the shadow of her ass

    • Not shown: Twelve pots of coffees, three trips to Burger King, two Pizza Hut deliveries; 12 lines of coke; 5 migraines and the exhausted room of Photoshop experts after the all-nighter required to doctor this photo.

      • Snack pack

        Zoom in and the ‘shopped nature of this image is actually pretty obvious. I’m not sure they put that much effort in.

      • You don’t even have to zoom in, really. If you look at the demarcation between her lower body and the background, your eyes start to cross from the blurriness.

    • Crissy

      If I could I would thumb you down for the “not scene!”

  6. Not shown: six grateful children resting, out of the sunlight, in the shadow of her ass

  7. it had to be said

    So THAT’S how she smuggled the cooler on to the beach.

  8. Sheppy

    Kim Kardashian posted this pic to Twitter, after first sending it to her photoshop team for ‘tweaking’ (August 12, 2012)

  9. Athr

    This is how real women are shaped…mmm

  10. Cock Dr


  11. Che Fong

    I would need a 2 foot dick extension to take her from behind

  12. All of the black guys on the internet just felt a disturbance in the force.

  13. Kono Kalakaua

    She better stay out of Hawaii . We’d roast her at the luau if we were short of a pig

  14. Contusion

    Gross. Stop posting this shit.

  15. CuriousTroll

    That ass and the back of those legs are so photoshopped it’s ridiculous. Does she think people are that stupid? KK makes me sad that I live on this planet.

  16. Inner Retard

    Remember when Kelly Brook posted a very similar picture of herself on the beach? Use that lifeline right now!

  17. CK

    Beached whale, anyone? Beached whale?

  18. Mr. Poop the 2nd


  19. lily

    narcissistic cow, just go away kim. no one likes you, you vapid whore

  20. Who is the lucky person with the incredibly long fingers who gets to wipe her butt?

  21. Bonky

    If you can’t tell thats photoshopped you are blind. Look at the curves of her exposed butt cheeks and the skin on that and her upper thighs. TOTALLY PHOTOSHOPPED. What a freaking narcissistic whore.

  22. What is not seen are the harpoons that were Photoshopped out.

  23. Raaaaaaaa

    the material on her back looks like it has been folded over and held together with a bulldog clip, like on store mannequins

  24. RHawk

    In related news, there was an unexpected high tide caused by her ass getting too close to the ocean.

  25. Ewwww it’s full again

  26. Sparky

    this thing needs to melt already. ass first, then face, then everything that’s in between.

  27. Robert

    I wouldn’t mind spanking her ass and pissing on her face.

  28. cc

    Kim is the modern equivalent of the elephant man sending Instagrams.

  29. the crazy betty

    looks like a tumor. so gross.

  30. Joaquin ingles

    Pretty sad when your ass is photoshopped and it still looks like it belongs on a sumo wrestler twice your size.

  31. puddleduck


  32. Who's your mama

    Kim Kardashian posted this pic to twitter after photoshopping the fuck out of her lumpy butt.

  33. spartacus


  34. anonym

    Double D ass implants

  35. All I can think, no matter how good she looks in any photo:

    2. Her nips are fucking HUGE and dark

    No bueno.

  36. tlmck

    With all her money, you’d think she could get those boils lanced.

  37. T1

    it’s busted face and ass barbie.

  38. Robb7

    This pathetic woman actually thinks she’s got a great body. Can you imagine what she’ll look like after knocking out a couple of
    babies from that Neanderthal rapper!! Oink, oink…

  39. Little Tongue

    How she is so proud of that bulbous butt of her’s is beyond me. I REALLY don’t get it.

  40. jojo

    Thanks for the Pic Kim but im good… I saw enough of the same ass on Zhou Lulu during the olympics

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