1. well it looks like someone is showing off their engagement ring

    • She has an engagement ring?

      • emma watson's vagina

        yeah you can tell by the ring on there which is holding the camera.i wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fake one. As I doubt she would take a pic like this and state she was single. last husband she was married to was a bellhop at a hotel and made about $400 a week. they married because he knocked her up. she had a prenup where no one could sue for spousal support if they were married less than 7 years. they divorced after 5 years and she sued him for spousal support in the divorce hearings. so he had to go to court and tell them she made $500K that year from the playboy shoot and the few epiosdes of Charmed she did. while he went back to work with his old salary back(as when they were married he was a stay at home dad.) as her salary was enough for the divorce hearings. hopefully this was just a revenge thing over getting divorced.
        and when she had her official Myspace account it was very messy over there when the divorce happened. kept on insisting on there they were still together until celebnews sites were reporting it. then she totally deleted her fan myspace account and soon her private ones.

        I’ll tell you one thing. if I ever fucked her I would be afraid to leave her. that fuck would be my vow of loyality.

    • CP

      I can’t make out any ring on that hand. You realize it’s not the camera hand right?

  2. duder

    Cordy has aged very, very well.

  3. Maybe they should have called HER “Buffy”!

  4. The hands don’t lie.

  5. Who says you can’t rely on charisma to get you through life?

  6. The only carpenter that gives me better wood than Nick Offerman.

  7. Jon Pork

    I’ve been in love with this woman for 14 years.. just wish she showed a bit more in her Playboy pictorial.

  8. There’s no breast implant equivalent for hands is there. 43 year old hands look like 43 year old hands.

  9. Josephus

    She may be 43, but her breasts are only 22.

  10. I would love to stake her.

  11. anonym


  12. So, so fucking hot. She was kind of chunky for a while, but she looks back to form now.

  13. Man, Skeletor has veiny tits.

  14. To all the teens and twenty somethings who are taking self portraits of themselves in the bathroom. If you are still doing it in your forties and you look this good, we will give you a hall pass.

  15. richie

    Charisma? More like Chutzpah!!

  16. I’ve had a boner for this woman going on almost 20 years now. Damn! Cordy’s still as sexy as ever.

  17. crb

    Your move, Father Time.

  18. Cher X

    Uh oh. This is how Amanda Bynes’ breakdown started….

  19. The world needs more pictures of this woman in a bikini.

  20. Codot

    Hummina hummina hummina hummina BONER.

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