1. alex

    How many of those legendary coaches on her shirt do you think she can name? Lombardi would have bitch slapped her.

  2. JungleRed

    We get it, Rihanna. You like weed.

  3. Frank Burns

    Snoop is gonna be pissed when he sees she stole his wallet.

  4. Mulva

    That can’t be Rhianna…too much clothing.

  5. Cock Dr

    That’s the stash bag…in case there was any doubt.

  6. Joe

    Whitney 2.0

  7. Odbarc

    “If you punch me again I’m flushing your seizure medication down the toilet!”

  8. Fame! I’m gonna buttsex forever…

  9. I’m guessing the back of the shirt says “whore”

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