1. nothing says class like posting a pic of getting a handjob from your boyfriend.

  2. Is he holding a Fleshlight?

  3. “Fuck me……it’s John Travolta. And he looks *really* happy.”

    “How did he know??”

    “I dont know. But it’s time to be soldiers.”

  4. Scott – hurry down to Fred Segal’s. Kevin Jonas is waiting outside for you.

  5. Josephus

    “I shall call him…Mini-Me.”

  6. Cock Dr

    Both def guilty of something.

  7. oh yeah, thats the face of a man who just got caught by the paparazzi getting a handjob from his chubby friend.

  8. Tiny John Travolta loves a man in plaid.

  9. ultra

    i accidentally read “scott disick” as “sock hisdick”. both captions seem to work here.

  10. “What you never seen someone give a brojob before?”

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