1. Alison


  2. I thought Yoko Ono had breast implants.

  3. Swingali

    Wayne Newton finally got the gender surgery.

  4. Tia and Jennifer Coolidge for a MILF sandwich.

  5. “…it’s party time, it’s better than average for it’s age! It’s Wayne’s World!…”

  6. fred

    I’m confused. When did Tia Carrere become the leader of North Korea?

  7. Looking more late a middle aged Sofia Loren.

  8. Batu Khan

    ‘Looks at cleavage’… Yesssss!
    ‘Looks up’… Ohhhh.

  9. She and Dana Carvey are getting the same hairline.

  10. Kim Jong Il’s daughter has an awesome rack.

  11. Mike

    Is this the hotter Scott Shannon?

  12. Frenchy

    When did she get old?

  13. ZOMBIE!!! …oh, she was never dead? …my bad.

  14. I totally still would. She’s always been one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

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