1. Hugh Jazz

    THAT’s the Britain I know.

  2. Instant confidence booster, this guy….instant

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing can kill this guy. We should clone him and create an army of sweaty junkies to unleash on Al Queda.

  4. JW

    I hope one of those people is trying to give him a tooth brush…

  5. Wow. I’d be surprised to see him alive in a few years.

  6. joe

    Those are pretty good teeth for a Brit.

  7. By mistake, Mr. Best wandered into a dental convention and was instantly swarmed by dentists looking to set them self up for LIFE!

  8. By mistake, Mr. Doherty wandered into a dental convention and was instantly swarmed by dentists looking to set them self up for LIFE!

  9. JPC

    And then you remember that this guy banged Kate Moss for years….

    Cocaine (and heroin) is a hell of a drug.

  10. Geez, Rainn, buy a toothbrush.

  11. Pickle Nose

    Good Lord. His transformation into Sloth from “Goonies” is almost complete. Just imagine how awful that hat smells. I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it.

  12. …and that is why Amy Winehouse killed herself.

    too soon?

  13. Pete! Pete! Sign my deadpool list?

  14. From the dirty marbles in his mouth, to Rihanna the beluga whale … I just don’t know what this site’s about anymore.

  15. Batu Khan

    I understand officials made psychological counseling available to anyone who needed it. The system works. It works.

  16. “No, no. Things have been going really well for me since Amy’s unfortunate passing. Why do you ask?”

  17. He has heroin teeth. A toothbrush can’t fix it, that’s for sure.

  18. Looking just like Amy, now.

  19. That’s the guy partly responsible for the death of Amy Winehouse. Disgusting creep with ugly as hell teeth.

  20. chicken sandwich

    Didn’t know Nosferatu was alive and well sporting the douchey preppy look

  21. dontkillthemessenger

    Hey you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I can smell this picture.

  23. It’s about time The Walking Dead got over its living human bias and added some new characters to tell the story from the other side.

  24. Poopers McSquats

    “No, Zombie Freddy Kruger, eat MY dreams!!!”

  25. “I wanna be Shane MacGowan when I grow up!”

  26. Odbarc

    Daniel Radcliffe is looking more and more like shit every week!

  27. farts mc knocker


  28. Desert Rose

    Did anyone else see the thumbnail and think it was Prince Michael?

    • yes, I did and felt immediately guilty for it. Michael’s kids looked very healthy and well-cared for but Granny Jackson has been shoveling soul food down their throats and already made one of them obese.

  29. The saddest thing is that he actually had the potential to be cute at one time – his face has the right structure to it, if a bit boyish.

    Instead, he’s Amy Winehoused himself past the point of no return. Fucking drugbag.

  30. I’m surprised you can’t actually *see* the stank cloud orbiting his nasty head.

  31. First his effort to make his mouth look like a pair of dice, now it looks like he has been up eating tootsie rolls while rimming the local neighborhood cat with a litterbox problem.

  32. AnnaD.

    I swear, there is no such thing as too fucked-up when it comes to “celebrities”.

  33. Vladimir

    When Sinead O’Connor referred to “the difficult brown”, she actually meant Doherty’s teeth…

  34. CtF

    The alleged ‘bad teeth of the British’ are apparently an evolved defense against ‘meth-mouth.’ Not a good one, but considering how long he’s been on it…

  35. If I were a Brit, this guy would embarrass the shit out of me. Along the same lines as Donald Trump embarrassing me as an American. Or perhaps as a human.

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