1. Knew this ass before I even read the caption, she’s the pride of mankind if you ask me

  2. “There we are, just get off the set and run along. And no more trying to pinch the big girls’ behinds, okay, Justin?”

  3. Batu Khan

    I knew it was Sofia without reading! I just knew! – Dances around room frantically while concerned coworkers slowly reach for the phone to call security…

  4. Man, this lady is just great coming and going. Nothing funny or snarky, just a hot ass. Move it along, Internets”

  5. I am an utterly desensitized, emotional-zombie of a human being, but her tits and ass bring tears to my eyes more often than not.

  6. “I’m not Salma Hayek little boy! I only breastfeed my own children!”

  7. I’m so glad my mom has always looked like a mom.

  8. She’s perfection.

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