1. Qmak

    “If I tuck this towel in, no one will notice my dress socks.”

  2. Quite the clotheshorse, isn’t he?

  3. Fred

    Terrence ought to be asking himself why is he wearing that towel around his neck, and why is his ass eating his shorts.

  4. Batu Khan

    For my next performance: a reenactment of Martin Lawrence’s meltdown…

  5. Get ready for a story involving the words “Terrence Howard” and “treatment for exhaustion”.

  6. …lookin’ a lil’ haggard after some rigorous bitch-chokin’.

  7. Why is his crotch eating his shorts?

  8. LittleCupcakes

    Goddammit, men should never wear shorts. Unless they’re playing tennis or doing some other soft-ass shit.

  9. Phoenix

    His Power Man haircut can’t make up for his Misty Knight voice.

  10. fred

    It’s hard out here for a poofta.

  11. Looks like he’s been playing Mumbly-Peg on his left shin.

  12. Dick shorts– check

    fucked up knees–check

    uncombed hair–check

    spider bitten legs–check

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