1. {talking through teeth}

    “…how many boys do you want me to send to your hotel room tonight for this?”

    “…3….but I want them alive this time”

    “it will be done”

  2. JungleRed

    For you, Papa. It belonged to Jerry Sandusky.

  3. “Thank-a you for letting me handle your balls.”

  4. “Don’t take it, Your Holiness! This is all part of the Joker’s scheme!”

  5. “Thank you, this will lure…I mean recruit many young men to the priesthood”

  6. Two of them are mentally slow-motion fighting a la Sherlock Holmes. The other is mentally slow-motion raping children a la it’s the pope.

  7. Looks like a human acorn.

  8. “I present you this sacred parchment, torn from a holy book said to have been blessed by Jesus himself”

    “I give you this unwashed volleyball, signed by the local elementary school boys’ team”

  9. Pope is thinking “What the fuck am I going to do with this?”

  10. jemr

    “Here you have, dear Pope, there’s a male baby inside. And a condom.”

  11. Even the septuagenarian Pope could put a free kick past Buffon.

  12. malaka

    ey!! issa da pop’ah!!!

  13. CtF

    I guarantee Gigi Buffon has made more saves than this pope guy ever will.

  14. “The deal was now you give me one of your balls!”

  15. Ive never seen so many fake smiles in one place before.

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