1. Anyone who doesn’t have “I can see clearly now” playing in their head while seeing this, is doing it wrong…

    • I’d like to clearly see it without a shitty instagram filter

      • Smackup has been on an Instagram jihad for months. I hope you get your virgins man because Instagram has tricked my penis way too many times.

      • He’s not the only one. Instagram is fucking infuriating. Listen, we’ve got shitty civil war-era photos to tell us the story of their time, because that was the best they had. Our ancestors in 200 years are going to think we were all hipster retards because we had 30 megapixel cameras and 4k digital displays, but we took pictures that look like someone wiped their ass with them.

  2. Someone wants some of that I. Baldwin heat. This chick isn’t even a famous person’s daughter! Pathetic.

  3. That’s just fucking beautiful.

  4. so sad

    women are so pathetic. They have reduced themselves to porn stars. This gives normal women no chance of an average life. it’s like porn star whores….and the rest of the female population. Even pretty girls who already had the advantage have to take it to the next level and pretend they love watching porn and getting facials because that’s the new norm. Men won’t accept anything less now.

  5. cc

    i’m going to wring those bikini bottoms out, put that tincture into a bottle, and wear it around my neck.

  6. Hmmmm…bikini bottom…BUMMER! Hmmmm…Photoshop…WOOOHOOOO!

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