1. Qmak

    “You’re just tall enough to ride our new rollercoaster, the Methamphetamine!”

  2. How sad is it when the teen mom doing anal porn is doing better than you?

  3. Most addictive highs:
    4. Cocaine
    3. Tobacco
    2. Heroin
    1. Having a camera pointing at your face

  4. Kristen Stewart cleans up nicely.

  5. They make them pose in front of the IQ meter now?

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Wow… this is the best she’s ever looked in her 17 mug shots.

  7. She is the Secretariat of MTV’s stupid, vapid, morality impaired skanks stable.

  8. George P Burdell

    We need to stop making stupid people famous.

    • It’s a downward spiral. People like watching people who are stupider than they are – it makes them feel better, schadenfreude and all that – but ultimately makes them stupider, which means even stupider people get peddled to the masses, and so on and so on until we’re all drooling, stupid cretins watching people who have to remember to breathe for our entertainment. There’s a reason people 100 years ago were generally smarter than we are today.

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    World’s latest shortest book: Wise Choices Made By Jenelle Evans.

  10. …who’s her dad, The Leader?

  11. “You just got arrested for failing a drug test. What are you going to do now Jenelle?”

    “Anal porn!”

  12. She can screw her life up with whatever kind of Lindsay Lohan like stupidity she wants. the really sad part is she is some poor child’s role model and this will become their “normal” life.

  13. When’d Jay Leno have a daughter?

  14. Arrested for failing a drug test? Dumb cunt forgot to study?

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