1. Blackface is fucking racist, Mel!

  2. It’s Not Unusual to look orange anymore.

  3. If he weren’t biting his lip, he’d be saying “blow me or I’ll burn the house down”…or something racist. Ok, probably just something racist.

  4. Jim

    Mel’s father has been waiting anxiously for the Third R̶e̶i̶c̶h̶ Expendables.

  5. MRF

    Dont say it Mel, don’t say it, you can do better, hold it in, hold it , hold it, ahhhhhh, fuck it ….. NIGG….

  6. JimBB


  7. It’s not cool to mock Jay Leno like that. (It totally is.)

  8. “Hey Mel do your punch magnet face.”

  9. Quick, quick, give us your ‘Executive Producer’ face!

  10. That guy behind him is hammered and he’s wearing a toupee…

  11. That reminds me, I need to find my old leather laptop bag.

  12. “sugartits!!!!!!!!”

  13. Ironically, he’s looking a lot like Jerry Lewis here.

  14. Someone should have glued his mouth shut years ago,

  15. “Hey, Mel, did you know Robin Williams was Jewish?”

  16. Flatliner

    I thought botox was for the forehead, not the chin.

  17. Behind the scenes of The George Hamilton Story.

  18. joJojojo

    Orange is the New Black

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