1. Marketing Mike

    Damn! She looks pretty good here,
    except for the dead soulless eyes…

  2. JimBB

    Is this what Scientology does to people????

  3. I have something I want to give her.

  4. “Katie, can I ask you about your ties to Scientolog….. yeah, I’ll just show myself out.”

  5. anonymous

    Who is that chick on the right that always hanging around her?

  6. Oh shit, someone uttered the secret code words.

  7. wayners

    I think Katie just cut the cheese and that chick in the jean jacket was within the zone of death.

  8. I guess Ghost Rider isn’t the only one with a Penance Stare!

  9. tlmck

    Someone must be flashing the Xenu signal.

  10. Katie, what does the text ‘Zaloog would’ mean?

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