1. jesus christ…a tablespoon of Kutcher jizz aged her 20 years.

  2. Keith

    Awful. Why would any woman do this to herself? An absolute nightmare: wrecked body followed by a screaming needy kid.

  3. Dirk Diggler

    Katie Holmes 2.0

  4. JimBB

    I’d be pretty sad too if I was facing 18+ years of raising the Douchebag Antichrist.

  5. Don Draper's Dad

    That little cloven-footed fucker isn’t out yet??

  6. wayners

    Beat me to it Don, but I second that emotion. I doubt she will recover from this the way some Victoria Secret models did.

  7. Crystal's Mom

    I have never seen a woman who can go from horrific Ukrainian housewife nightmare to a top-grade sexy minx with a bucket of makeup like this little vixen can.—_1637400a.jpg

    Buy makeup in bulk Ashton. Try Costco.

  8. I should just copy and paste my last post here.

  9. I think I ran into that dude at the 7/11 last night buyin a 12 of Natty Light and a pack of smokes.

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