1. It takes years upon years of study and rigorous training to attain this degree of doucheosity. Why not reward it with donuts.

  2. K-tron

    His face is telling me that the donuts weren’t glazed when he first walked in the shop, but they are now.

  3. JimBB

    That’s right, ladies, I’ve got the new cream-filled and I’m ready to party!

  4. Marketing Mike

    Don’t laugh, those are good fucking donuts!
    Seriously, they are worth the trip.

  5. He’s never gonna dance again
    Guilty donuts got no rhythm
    Though it’s easy to pretend
    He knows you’re not a fool

  6. Kettle Glazed. So good, you’ll suck a dick.

  7. anonymous

    That’s a man who is going home to cocaine, hookers and now has donuts when he gets the munchies.

    I’d look like that too if my Mondays were as awesome as his.

  8. As a great man once said:

    “Doughnuts, I got doughnuts!” – Homer Simpson

  9. “Love is an open dooooor!”

  10. “Cinderella story… outta nowhere, a former a list actor now about to become the worlds competitive food eating champion.”

  11. “Kettle glazed donuts are made of people !”

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