1. In every picture of her, her boner is popping her bottom off.

  2. Nobody wants to see your dong, bro… OK, OK, except Zaloog. Zaloog wants to see it. Nobody else though.

  3. somebody really really really likes the trannies

  4. So candid…so sexy. Or it would be if she didn’t look like the banjo kid from “Deliverance”

  5. Hello sir. Did your bathing suit almost fall off again? We are really going to have to get you enrolled in the remedial knot tying class…again.

  6. Screw you guys, JNL is fine as hell, I would totally do her right there on the grass.

    • LaymanProctologist

      Screw you guys, JNL is fine as hell, I would totally let her do me right in the ass.

      Fixed it for you.

  7. JimBB

    I bet Mac would really like this chick.

  8. anonymous

    Does she ever tie off any of her bikini bottoms? Every pic I see of her she’s doing this.

  9. Michael

    Look, it’s Nicole Bass!

  10. Apparently that girl can’t tie a bow for shit.

  11. Just let it fall, baby. Let me see the goods. She’s fucking sexy.

  12. Wow, she’s looking rough lately….

    And she should have fixed that shitty tit job years ago!

  13. WTF

    I totally thought this was a dude! Is it a trans sexual?

  14. WTF

    Why would she post this? I would be ashamed! This looks like me on my WORST day!

  15. Crystal's Mom

    Give her a break folks, her “WHORE” t-shirt was in the laundry, so she had to improvise.

    And by laundry, I mean she lost it behind a 7-11.

  16. spartacus

    Body from Baywatch, face from Crimewatch

  17. harsky & starch

    Just let me tuck my sack back here…OK, HEY GINA!!!!! (long “i”)

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