1. Great. Two terminally self-centered people in the same room. Makes me wonder if there’s some sort of Lagrangian point between them where the ego and attention-whoring exactly balance each other out.

  2. Mohambi Johnson

    9am seems a tad early for your first glass of Merlot…

  3. And just after they sat down the universe imploded and all matter was rendered null.

  4. I thought Michael Jackson was dead.

  5. EricLR

    …and that’s when I started pimping my 12-year-old.

  6. “I’m….an alien!”

  7. caley

    “No, I’M a worse mother!”
    “No I AM!”

  8. Cock Dr

    I see plastic people.

  9. zsdgsdzgzxdf

    Cunt meter:


    yep, they broke it.

  10. “My days consist of me talking to my mirror and then passing out poisonous apples to anyone younger and prettier than me.

  11. They sat there for 30 minutes not believing a single word that came out of each others mouth.

  12. Jenn

    So tell me again where you got the kids to work in your factories? I’m sure I’m paying mine too much.

  13. Juan Diablo

    Two thirds of the Three’s Company reunion show.

  14. crb

    No, enough about you. More about me…

  15. What would Tom Leykis say about this pic? Hmm…. Something about turkey necks would be appropriate.

  16. Kathy Lee is shocked into silence as she discovers the only woman who has ever gotten her to shut up.

  17. fiona

    battle of the waddles

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