1. I’m not sure I can make it past the paparazzi before I throw up lunch.

    Here, just do it my purse.

  2. “Like, this coke sucks! My nostrils are on fire!”

    “Coke? Have you seen my Gold Bond?”

  3. “Oh God, did I just eat a fly!! How many calories is that?”

  4. “I totally farted! But I think it actually smells pretty good!”

  5. EricLR

    If you want to look better, just make sure you hang out with a friend who looks like Eddie Money.

  6. heey

    she is taking fertility drugs, the drugs make you gain weight, like she would ever gain weight on purpose otherwise

  7. “look at Blandy Granville all sloppy drunk heeheehee”

  8. canudigit

    mmmmmmm – if that was breakfast, then I just smelled it!!

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