1. Ironic name considering she makes plants wilt and die. Boners too.

  2. She’s competing with Pippa for the most shots taken from behind.

  3. EricLR

    Well, better naked than Iggy Pop, anyway.

  4. Barcham

    I guess she’s never looked at a picture of her ass because if she did, she’d never wear shorts again.

  5. She puts her bare ass on furniture. Ew. I want a comprehensive list of places she’s been sent to the CDC, and the makers of Clorox.

  6. jhwqevfawejv

    Holy shit…I imagine that once she sees that picture, she will have all of dresses lengthened…and avoid the beach.

  7. Teddy

    She could have put on a pair of depends at least

  8. canudigit

    Nicki Minaj after bleaching treatment #4

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