1. Wow, she doesn’t look a day older than 40 years after she was on Laugh-In.

  2. Gin&Tonic

    granny’s still go it. if her daughter comes along, count me in

  3. EricLR

    America’s Sweetheart has the sweetest case of radiation poisoning.

  4. renotastic

    Why does she always look Hawnstipated when she smiles?!

  5. Now google Vicky Vette

  6. caley

    Her elbow looks like a portal into another dimension where she’s still attractive.

  7. You don’t wanna see the back of her. All duct tape and safety pins.

  8. Little Tongue

    “Pinch me! I’m wearing The Bubble Wrap Dress!”

  9. oldfool

    Would I nail it? “You bet your sweet bippy.”

  10. Colonel Angus

    Oldie Hawn.

  11. Jon Pork

    Sock it to me

  12. she always looks like her body’s about to melt any second now

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