1. Little Tongue

    This picture makes me feel all dirty and stuff. I need a shower.

  2. In asking about Spitzer’s newest campaign, the reporter mistakenly said ‘cumtroller’. Even though he knew what was meant, Eliot didn’t care. His mind was already there.

  3. Here, the former governor demonstrates the technique he used on the prostitutes….

  4. He’s awesome.

  5. EricLR

    Ninth Avenue, a great place to find hookers. Also, every other avenue.

  6. “I’m the pimp daddy and New York is my bitch.”

  7. The electorate gets what it deserves.

  8. David Ringler

    He can still taste skanky hooker juice on his lip. Mmmm…the taste of fish oil mixed with Camel cigarettes and despair…nectar of the gods.

  9. That is the suit of a man who doesn’t care that everyone knows he has shitty taste in suits.

  10. Rick James

    That’s the face of a man who likes banging his dirty whores bareback… sloppy 22nds are his thing.

  11. Spitzer-Weiner ticket. Aaaannny day now.

  12. all I see is this dude nekkid and wearing socks… eeeccchhh ptooey!!

  13. Looks like he’s about to ask the pop for Rachel Uchitel’s number.

  14. Smarmy. He oozes smarminess.

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