1. johnny p!

    Ed Grimley’s looking young!

  2. This result when you Google ‘Milquetoast’.

  3. He’s reminiscing about back when he used to nail Scarlett Johannson. Good times.

  4. EricLR

    I think I’m going to stop by the malt shop later and say hello to the fellas.

  5. I hope that wrist tatoo says “cut here.”

  6. caley

    So, is he doing an impression of a giant cartoon snail? Or is a giant cartoon snail doing an impression of him?!

  7. Mike

    He’s gonna be in the dead pool. Not the movie.

  8. Oh Blake, what hellish wrath have you wrought on the wisecrackin merc with the mouth?

  9. SMB

    …i always want to smack him, but, when he’s shrunken down to normal size, i want to smack him AND i think i can take him…

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