1. “Note to self: Ask agent why young men with neckbeards keep asking me about a Voyager revival.”

  2. Margaret Thatcher’s last photo.

  3. Are they bringing back “Murder She Wrote?”

  4. Murphy Brown Spots.

  5. Mike1

    Janice Dickinson got a hair cut.

  6. Well, that sucks

  7. fucka

    This is the face I make right before I go «muah AHH AH AH AHH AH AH AH AH AHH AH AH AH AHH AH»

  8. Freebie

    In her prime she was totally beautiful. Getting old happens. Its nice to see her aging gracefully and not plumped up with fillers, fat lips and stretched skin.

  9. bergie

    He’s lookin’ good these days

  10. lori

    She is beautiful.

  11. JohnnyBoy

    So…Palpatine had a sex change.

  12. One that never let go of self respect. No bad words about her.

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