1. This pic probably blew Photo Boy’s budget for a month.

    Worth it.

  2. Michael

    Oof, she’s blowing the fuck up. Not in a good way.

    I’d still hit it though.

  3. Ok bitches, this is what you have been obsessing over–THIS. Whatever, I’m out.

  4. Oh, how i wish I was that bicycle seat.

  5. Kelly Brook makes the rockin’ world go round.

  6. Bob Loblaw

    Overrated by far.

  7. She knows what she’s doing here–dirty little hussy. Strike that — large hussy.

  8. She’s hot and curvy in a sexy way. I wish she’d post some photo-shoot pics on Instagram of her at this size.

  9. Spartacus

    I have always worshipped her funbags and I still do

  10. I need to remember to send her a Thank You card.

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