1. Would have pegged him more for a velcro shoe type…

  2. Oh good! This will answer all of the cliffhangers from Ride Along 1.

  3. Ronaldo

    Oh my…….that’s her job? or does he not know yet how to deal with laces

  4. Well, now I know who stole my grandmother’s patio furniture.

  5. “Hurry up, bitch. Befo’ somebody see you.”

    “Learn to tie your own shoelaces then, motherfucka!”

  6. BoomBoomDap

    Lowest job in Hollywood

  7. JimBB

    Wanted: Air Jordon specialist from 1987.

  8. “Hurry up with that, then get me a juicy box, bitch!”

  9. Natty Ice

    “Help!! Does anyone know what happens after the bunny goes round the tree?”

  10. Statingtheobvious

    This isn’t very fair. Not because it’s a woman tying the shoe for a man, but because when standing, Kevin is closer to the ground than she is

  11. Shouldn’t that bitch be white?

  12. Will S.

    Stop making fun of Jada. It’s hard to get roles after being in the matrix.

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