1. She’s the Lionel Hutz of Hollywood.

    “It says here you’re crazy hot.”

    “No, no, it should read ‘Crazy. Hot.’”

  2. coljack

    “I will always be Catwoman.”

  3. Opie Cunningham

    Hey Halle, see that wall over there? Your about to hit it.

  4. JimBB

    Yeah, no risk of her ever stabbing you in your sleep.

  5. That might be worth a few stab wounds and getting your ass kicked by a French boxer.

  6. I watched Letterman last night, she looked old and tired and cranky.. though wearing this dress in 90F weather might’ve accounted for some of it. Holy dumb, Batman.

  7. It is smart not to make eye contact and take pictures of her from behind the barrier. You never know when the crazy will come out.

  8. Apparently pictures of Halle from behind blocked by an Asian chick with a head would are popular in Iowa.

  9. Spartacus

    Madder than a box of frogs

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