1. Buwahahaha

    ‘And then I grabbed his butt cheeks like this….’

  2. “So I’m trying to blow myself, because seriously… who would give a better BJ than Bono and….”

  3. JC

    “What do you mean I was great on ‘Friends’?”

  4. Pilin


  5. NachoCheezwhiz

    Seriously, 5 dollars. ONLY 5 DOLLARS!

  6. “So, then, Tom Cruise come up to me and…”

  7. I have drank
    mucho wine
    I have yelled
    at the pope
    But I still haven’t found…

  8. “Oh, they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.”

  9. BoomBoomDap

    Robin Williams looks like he’s ready for Flubber 2.

  10. “With all the starving children around the world, I can’t bring myself to eat anything but imaginary sandwiches.”

  11. “Insider trading, Pops. And the funny thing is that those sheople actually think I’m some sort of genius strategist with IPOs! I make shit music! I can’t write a Dr Seuss poem for fuck’s sake! But here I am, a billionaire! And nobody bats an eye!”

  12. Swearin

    That’s not Bono, Matthew Perry is just on the cocaine again

  13. Stinky

    “I once caught a potato this big.”

  14. “Limousines for all of them. That’s right. Every single poor person in the world gets their own limo.”

  15. Alex

    shit, i thought it was Chandler Bing….

  16. DML

    On the top of his head there…what is that?

  17. tlmck

    One hit wonder.

  18. The Brown Streak

    Two words…okay…you’re sucking dick…you’re sucking a big dick…you’re Kim Kardashian!

  19. “As I was walking in a man yelled “Buffet Closed !”

  20. PassingTrue

    So, then the accountant tells me that I can keep all my money if I incorporate somewhere besides the UK.

  21. Paul

    “FUCK! Read my lips …. H O W DO I GET TO THE C H I LT E R N F I R E H O U S E?”

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