1. Wait till Rachel smells my finger…

  2. Buwahahaha

    Darth Vader just keeps getting cooler with age…

  3. Eric

    I find your lack of faith, like disturbing.

  4. Again with the damn swajeggings.

  5. Dina

    Have you seen my baseball?

  6. I felt a great disturbance in the force. As if the man they chose to play the baddest Sith Lord in the galaxy turned out to be a little pansy.

  7. JimBB

    Knew your father, I did. Powerful stoner was he. Powwwerful stoner.

  8. “Derp are not the derp you’re derpa derp.”

  9. duh

    I can go at anytime Gilbert.

  10. “Autism is the direct result of having too many midichlorians in our vaccines. It’s science.” – Jenny McCarthy

  11. ‘Over there, behind the dumpster. Ten bucks and make sure your pants are down when I get there.’

  12. “You are my only fwend finger booger.”

  13. Uh, Hayden…you have to finger a girl first

  14. He’s like a creepy Peter Pan.

  15. Somewhere a yard is missing its lawn ornament.

  16. PassingTrue

    I’m crushing your head. Crush, crush, crush…

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