1. banjobraids

    Sieg heil, I say.

  2. Any Guy

    as a guy with really long hair – I just gotta say – doing that to your kid is just fuckin’ WRONG. wait ’til the kid WANTS to grow his hair that long Anthony, you hollywood tart. sure, Dad gets the cool ‘Adolf’ cut and the kid keeps getting called ‘a cute little girl’. i’m sure that won’t fuck with your sexuality at all when you’re that age. of course being named ‘Everly Bear’ is brilliant as well. just give the kid to Casey Anthony, he probably stands a better chance at turning out hetero with her.

  3. SteveG

    this why the terrorists hate us.

  4. doodles

    Wha? Tha-That’s his son? Why I thought that was a wee little lass!

  5. btreese

    She’s a man man!!!!

  6. BE

    What’s worse – the hair or the boots?

  7. Coyote

    Nobody noticed this sissy man is wearing UGS, come on

  8. I count at least SIX things wrong in this picture. Anyone want to play along and guess what they are?

    Hint: One of them is NOT “Pedo” being missing from the kids middle name.

    • I’ma go ahead and say the only thing RIGHT about this picture is that the store is having a sale on water.

      • Cock Dr

        The father is holding the small child’s hand as they cross the street.
        That’s all it is. I’m gonna concentrate on that.

    • whiskeyafternoon

      ooh–i’ll play! a multimillionaire has a hole in his boot?

      • DeucePickle

        The fact that this guy is rich as shit baffles me to death. He’s lead talk-rapper in a band that is going to continue to make ass loads of cash for the rest of his life and his talent to income ratio is way off.
        Also, are we sure that’s his kid?

  9. AlphaBetaTest

    Jeez, noone has any snide comments about the Uggs with the huge hole in the toe? This site sucks!

  10. Eddie

    Is this a scene from the upcoming Otis Toole movie, or is this for real?

  11. CharmlessMan


  12. Colin

    He stole his son’s bear feet? Rude.

  13. mike

    it must be awesome knowing your dad will buy you a $5000/night hooker for your 14th b-day

  14. MrsWrong

    1. Father wearing Ugg’s(He is a man{?} 2.Father wearing Ugg’s(summer) 3. Hole in Ugg’s 4. Rock star not drunk/coked up/rubbing on stripper and/or participating in reality show 5.Kid’s Hair 6. Kid’s Name 7. Child’s clothes too small 8.Possibly not his son{evidence-a)could be girl b)looks like it wants to run} 9. This many things are wrong and there is no mother present…..*pants*
    Sorry…I tried but you can’t stop the spirits when they need you

  15. No way that kid is growing up gay.

  16. The kid is looking away for one of two reasons – either he sees a more normal family and he wants to run away with them, or someone yelled out “Hey Anthony, nice daughter!”

  17. toopier

    That kid is looking at the homeless man, drunk, passed out laying in his own filth in the gutter.. and wishing HE was his father.

  18. tlmck

    Daddy? Did that man just call us white trash?

  19. SSHGuru

    Is that a dude?

    Is that a girl?

  20. rough was not in Malibu over the weekend

    The kids name is Everly Bear?

    I see!

  21. This is why you never EVER let your kids out of your sight when you go shopping.

  22. cc

    Der fuhrer reincarnated as an emo twit in Uggs.

  23. cc

    Is that the child he had with Bombshell McGee?

  24. Sin

    If this is the way he dresses clean of drugs, we all need to buy him an eight ball.

  25. Blech

    I just barfed up my own liver. WHAT happened to this guy? He used to be hot!

  26. It'sanAbomination!

    As much as I want to laugh at this picture I think we should all be more sensitive to Anthony in his time of need. Clearly somewhere things took a wrong turn. The rollercoaster has derailed and he and his son now live under the bridge. So, so, sad.

  27. KC

    Relax everybody, CPS has been called. They are sending the special Nazi Ugg boots division.

  28. Jovy

    Pretty sure this should read: “Adolf Hitler and his daughter in Malibu”.

  29. It had to be said

    Nice boots. Chili Peppers are such pussies now.

  30. doogleberg

    Nothing in this photo is even remotely surprising.

  31. Shorty80

    Uggs? Naming your kid “Everly Bear”? An ugly emo-Hitler haircut? Anthony, I can no longer respect you at all.

  32. Steelerchick

    I recognize him from that old 70′s porn film I saw the other day.

  33. Cartman

    Fucking Jesus Hitler Manson wearing Uggs, in the summer time no less.

    One sec… ok, just deleted all of my Red Hot Chili Peppers mp3′s.

  34. Squishy

    Everly Bear??? Poor kid.

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