1. Senor Trout

    Looks like the Ultimate Warrior has recovered nicely in this post-steroids era.

  2. Cock Dr

    All I can think is that when it turns around it’s gonna be that Twisted Sister singer guy.

  3. Codot

    Remember this moment, it’s the only time you’re ever gonna see her ribs.

  4. I can see the bones in her ass. and I’m not even talking about the outfit.

  5. The old man at the gym is still going to beat off to this.

  6. GuidotheRed

    OOOH – her skeleton’s backwards! THAT explains the negative-ass phenomenon. Ah, the miracles of science.

  7. Becky

    Nah, I’m still thinking she resembles Hank Hill

  8. CharmlessMan

    Way to draw attention away from your… everything.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Anyone for brown meat ?

  10. MrsWrong

    *sigh* if only…

  11. Ponkur

    If you had told me that was a guy I would have totally believed it.

  12. I think she snagged her stocking on her scales.

  13. viasacra

    I guessed that it transsexual before I read who it was. Now I know that it was a transsexual.

  14. tlmck

    Britney Spears’ stunt double.

  15. cc

    No tricks, no treats, now get your ugly ass costume out of here kid.

  16. Blech

    Noooooo. Judging by the rips in her stockings, I think her own skin has been desperately trying to escape!

  17. Brennan Haley

    Now if she had a piece of clothing that explained what was going on in her head.

  18. DeucePickle

    What? This is how everybody dresses when going to the park.

  19. Amy

    She’s still not as “edgy” as Taylor Momsen.

  20. pimptastic

    That dude has a nice ass !!!!

  21. Scarlet

    . . . and you thought it was just Lady Ga Ga that had a boner!

  22. Is that you Jame Gumb?

  23. Steelerchick

    Twisted Sister played Hyde Park???

  24. dontlooknow


  25. Squishy


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