1. Thank you, pokie fairy.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I was hoping this was Laura Prepon when I clicked on it. I guess that ship has really sailed.

  3. cardinal Ximenez

    Thank you thin, revealing clothing. I’ve seen enough porn to exactly match that body now and fill in the rest of the details. I will dutifully toss some swimmers at my keyboard in her honor.

    Actually, I’ve seen every porn. I’ve forgotten more porn than Xhamster streams in a year. True story.

    • Your life mirrors mine.

      • cardinal Ximenez

        then you have profiled her as well. I’m assuming some meaty curtains between her legs, and a hitler ‘stache. She’s never tried anal and shakes nervously when her photographer boyfriend drops batter on her face. of course I could be wrong.

      • I’m thinking it’s a very neat pussy down there. Clean shaven. She’s in Hollywood so of course she does anal. And facials are fine as long as you don’t get it in her hair.

  4. cc

    First year liberal arts, standard issue cutie

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