1. Crissy

    Fiona, when the Doctor said “an apple a day,” he didn’t mean ONLY!

  2. EricLr

    Well, she looks to be doing well.

  3. JC

    Man, I remember how much I wanted to hit that…before she started dying.

  4. Hey, how ’bout that? She IS still alive!!! Someone owes me $50.

  5. Now that’s a face that can slice through a pillowcase.

  6. cardinal Ximenez

    She looks like all of those virginal village girls that Madonna harvests blood from.

  7. Henry

    You hungry, girl?

  8. It’s been over ten years since I’ve seen this woman. She’s looking good. She always looked good.

  9. Sheppy

    What is it?

  10. blatt_rules

    There’s a third Olsen twin now?

  11. Dave

    Not in picture: Sarah Jessica Parker.

    “Soon my new host will be ready! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  12. El Jefe

    The Walking Dead.

  13. Pierce Bronzetan

    Jesus! More like Fiona Apple-doll!


  14. Brit

    Fiona AppleB core

  15. beans

    “what i need is a transfusion cause i’m feeling like i’m dying”

  16. lily

    lookin rough…is she trying to make a comeback or something?

  17. cc

    ‘A festival featuring Fiona Apple’ a polite way of saying ‘busking in the subway during rush hour’.

  18. The Old Man

    I guess “Heroin Chic” is making a comeback???

  19. Savalas

    Fiona Apple has a sister named Maude Maggart who is a great singer and is quite easy on eyes.

    One can see the resemblance in some older pictures of Fiona Apple…but not this one.

  20. TheCynic

    Easy guys; She’s been vacation in Buchenwald.


    Did she steal the ring-er, her Precious from Frodo yet?

  22. Fiona Apple is a vegan. Somehow I just don’t find this photo to be a ringing endorsement for that particular lifestyle…

  23. Fiona is seen here in one of her latest designs from her Bulimic Belle line, now available in Neiman Marcus. Says Fiona, “I’m hoping to capture the essence of a Goodwill store or a Target sale bin that’s been picked over or even a garage sale in a low-income neighborhood. But for a lot more money.”

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