1. caley

    Chris O’Dowd is goddamned adorable. That’s all I had. Move along.

  2. JC

    “The IT Crowd” was good enough that I’d still watch whatever this is, even if it’s just Chris Dowd getting headbutted in the nuts by a goat.

  3. mcdoubler

    “this wasnt in the script! but i dont care!”

  4. Chris laughed, and it would be his last. For the magic of the donkey’s blowjob was nearly complete, and soon, he too would become a garden gnome, and join his twin brother as a watcher on the bird bath.

  5. EricLR

    I bet that’s the first time anyone has dealt with a drunk ass in Dublin.

  6. anonymous

    Gives new meaning to getting a little head and a little ass.

  7. eeywhore

    Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have a crack habit

  8. You’ve heard of the donkey woman in Tijuana? This is the Donkey Dude of Dublin.

  9. cc

    That’s not Dublin, that’s a German brothel.

  10. Batu Khan

    His publicist just quit. There is no way to put a spin on this.

  11. Brit

    Sarah Jessica Parker is co-staring.

  12. “Moon Boy” starring two asses …

  13. HackSaw

    What an ass

  14. “Will someone tell this donkey I’m not Jon Hamm?”

  15. Peanut Butter it works for more than just Dogs

  16. markdanter

    Here in Chernobyl we are especially proud of our Centaur breeding farm.

  17. Ronnie

    “Gotta finish! Gotta finish!”

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