1. caley

    “Holy shit, Dracula just emerged from these bushes. It would be scarier if it wasn’t that vaguely effeminate Dracula from that one directed by Francis Ford Coppola. As it is, it’s really only surprising, like a wasp flying near your head. Actually, I’m kinda over it already.”

  2. CK

    “HEY, are you the guy who trimmed my hedges crooked?”

  3. “Don’t worry. We’ll leave the light on for you.”

  4. It’s as if he and Christopher Walken are slowly morphing into the same person.

  5. How do old guys get their hair to do that helmet thing?

  6. cc

    ‘George Zimmerman?’

  7. Batu Khan

    You go near my daughter again… Sorry, I thought you were Brad.

  8. This could have ended badly. Anthony Anderson might have had a heart attack here. you do NOT sneak up on a guy like that!

  9. Is it just me though, or would this have been an even more epic picture if it was Christopher Walken instead?

  10. “I heard there’s a really deep pool, with no shallow end, right around here, seen it?”

  11. McSmackup Feely

    Jesus, that corpse just stood up and started walking!

  12. AWOL

    “Excuse me. You’re ethnic, you wouldn’t happen to be one of my Grandchildren by chance, would you?”

  13. Blankety Blanc

    eeesh..what’s that, the Early Bird Special Cowboy?

  14. HOLY SHI-Sir! For the last time, stop grabbing my arm from behind and telling me to go inside; I ain’t one of your grandkids!!

  15. “The directions Brad texted me for the family reunion led here. Too bad I didn’t read that final direction–Get back in your car and drive directly home you unloved cocksmoker–before just now.”

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