1. “Awright, who wants to hear my rendition of Accidental Racist?”

  2. EricLR

    Boring in the USA…I was boring in the USA

  3. Where’s Bluto Blutarsky when you need him?

  4. Batu Khan

    The Hansons grew up too. Just accept it and go away Kevin.

  5. You know your music is outdated when the person in the front row flashes a peace sign at the young whippersnapper.

  6. urmomhasaweewee

    performing what?

  7. There’s not even stage lighting. He’s so gay that he actually has a lavender glow when the lights go down.

  8. Comrade No-shoulders.

  9. tlmck

    He should give that fine guitar to someone who knows how to use it.

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