1. caley

    “No please! I must stuff him.”

  2. EricLR

    And if that bitch Jennifer Lawrence wants her dog back, she’s damn well going to STOP STEALING MY PARTS!!!

  3. Hank E. Ring

    See how I’m doing this? THIS is how I told you to scratch my back!

  4. BlackManUSA


  5. “This isn’t right. It’s…still…breathing!”

  6. “I may have played Linda Lovelace in a movie, but you can’t make me fuck this dog.”

  7. “He says you douchebag hipsters dress him in vests and force him to watch IFC while you’re at work. You fucking bastards…”

  8. “Cant you see this dog ITCHES!?!

    MUST scratch the dog, or dog will make me kill AGAIN!”

  9. She needs more fibre.

  10. I know you stole my rings and hid them under this dog skin

  11. anonymous

    From Momma Mia to playing a pornstar to just sitting in random NYC gutters.

    What happens when your career is built on nice tits and you diet them away.

  12. cc

    Who living in a big city hasn’t faced that dilemma? Some crazy fuck grabs your pet and says it’s theirs.

    (Don’t laugh, I thought I was going to have start trading blows with some fuckin’ guy to get my cat back.)

  13. Which one’s the bitch?

  14. That’s some pretty nice back fat/back strap though…

  15. Booberry

    Before she channels Son of Sam, she really needs to get her own dog..

  16. “Come here and eat this peanut butter from my crack!”

  17. “MOUNT my dog? What kind of sick, perverted freak—oh…you mean stuff him after he’s dead. Yeah, probably.”

  18. “Goddamnit if it fell out of my vagina IT’S MINE!!!”

  19. “Grrrr… Ruff! Ruff! “

  20. “We wants it, we needs it! Must have it. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbit see!”

  21. dang girl calm down

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