1. I believe I found what you were looking for and it’s called sunlight…

  2. Qmak

    Where the streets have no fame…

  3. EricLR

    Aging hipsters are too cool for water bottles.

  4. anonymous

    Someone should teach him how to set up and ride his bike. He is using all knees.

  5. I didn’t know Robin Williams had a twin.

  6. cc

    Hard to believe he’s Irish, eh?

  7. MeanMrsMustard

    Oh no Bono.

  8. I wanna see him burst into flames when he loses the shade.

  9. Fucking little prick. I hope some uppity Frenchmen set him and his band of cunts on fire as a protest against tedious, shit, banal, insipid, awful, wretched, dry, artistically bankrupt, safe, money orientated music.

  10. Booberry

    Egads! He’s the same color as the pavement.

  11. Vladimir

    “Roubaix, Bloody Roubaix! Roubaix, Bloody Rou-baix…”
    (only the cyclists will get that)

  12. Blankety Blanc

    Whaddya know- it appears a fish sometimes DOES need a bicycle.

  13. The last of the rock stars
    When hip hop drove the big cars

  14. dudeisanass


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